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Frequently Asked Questions ???

Q  Do you have any safety instructions ?
A  YES. Please click on the following link. pdf (2)

Q  How soon should I reserve a moonwalk?
A  As soon as possible to ensure you receive the unit of your choice.

Q  Do you inspect, clean and sanitize your moonwalks?
A  We inspect, clean and sanitize our jumpers before and after each rental.

Q  Is Delivery, Setup, & Pickup included?
A  Yes, Delivery, Setup, & Pickup is included for limited areas, any locations outside the delivery area will be charged a $25 delivery fee.

Q  Do I need a generator?
A   If there is no power we can provide a generator to run the blower for the moonwalk for $60 (3500 watts) or $80 (6500 watts).

Q  Can you deliver and setup if my event is at a park or forest preserve?
A  Yes, but you may need a permit from the park district or forest preserve to have inflatables on their premises, you must check their requirements.  If they require to be added as additionally insured, it can be done for an additional fee of $25.

Q  Do you carry insurance?
A   Yes, Hippity Hop has liability insurance.

Q  Do you require a deposit?
A   No deposit is required, however if you need to make any changes or cancel, please do so within 48 hours of the event.

Q  How much space do I need to have an inflatable?
A  Approximately 15′ X 15′ for moonwalks 13′ X 13′
Approximately 17′ X 17′ for moonwalks 15′ X 15′
Approximately 35’ X 13’ for combos and waterslides

Q  Can I setup an inflatable in my backyard?
A   Yes, just make sure there is enough overhead clearance from trees, wires, or any other obstructions.

Q   What is the weight capacity?
A    The following are the maximum number of riders for each age group that should play in the moonwalk at one time:

Unit SizeAges 8 yrs and underAges 9-12 yrs oldOlder TeenAdults
13 x 1385-63-43
15 x 15106-84-54

Q  Should I tip the drivers, if so, how much?
A   Yes, if you feel that you received great service, please tip our drivers- they work very hard in the hot weather and lift very heavy equipment to make sure your event is magical.  Tips usually range from 15%-20% of you total bill.

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